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Physiotherapy & Preventive Health

Physiotherapy & Preventive Health

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Welcome to Soul Bliss - Physiotherapy and Preventive Health - Your Path to Integrative Well-being

At Soul Bliss – Physiotherapy and Preventive Health, we believe in the connection of body, mind, and soul. Our approach to physiotherapy and preventive health is rooted in the understanding that true well-being extends beyond the physical aspect.

At Soul Bliss®, you can find a team dedicated to your health.


Come experience health and well-being.

At Soul Bliss® we seek to inspire people to live healthier lives, so they can be happier and be the best version of themselves.

We believe that health and well-being depend on four pillars:

It is with this assumption that we offer services that aim to enhance health, prevent and treat disease in the four areas.






What our customers say

Since discovering Soul Bliss I have managed to correct my posture and those daily back and lower back pains have fortunately disappeared, I recommend Soul Bliss 100%.
Anónimo, Cascais
For the first time, I feel 100% focused on my well-being. Sara's genuine friendliness, empathy, professionalism, knowledge, availability and flexibility is different! I have many physical limitations due to my autoimmune disease, however in such a short time - 4 months of clinical Pilates I noticed a substantial improvement that gave me back my quality of life. I'm so grateful to be part of Soul Bliss 🙏
Michelle, Cascais
I had back pain that made me afraid to stop walking again. Fortunately, I met Sara, a special person who, through her knowledge and holistic vision of the human being, managed to unlock her mind in the face of fear, whether of walking or seeing reality as it is.

I realized that our body has to be analyzed as a whole and that pain is sometimes related to other factors.
Ana Leitão, Setúbal
Thank you Daniela, (...), for all the care and affection you have given C. Just yesterday we read a somewhat extensive text and she read it quite well. She herself says that with her help she improved a lot. It was only for a short time, but her first tips helped and gave him more confidence. Thank you very much.
Mãe da C., São Domingos de Rana
Excellent professionals, physiotherapist Sara Costa of great competence and professionalism! Proven experience! 🤗
Alda Reis
Quiet space, attentive service and excellent professionals who care about their patients 🙂🙏
Patrícia Ferreira
A space with incredible specialized technicians who make our health and well-being their priority. I have been accompanied by physiotherapist Sara Costa for years and I wouldn't change it for anything, she has treated me with a variety of problems and is a contact that I highly recommend!
Um quarto de história
Sara is the physiotherapist, someone who has been following me for a few years and her work is truly extraordinary, in addition to treating our problem, she also gives guidance so that we don't go back to square one again.
Daniela Gonçalves

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