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We created these e-books with you and your health in mind.


The Human Being is made up of Energy, like everything that surrounds us. Therefore, it is necessary to intervene in all dimensions of the Being: body, heart (emotions), brain (mental health) and connection.

Discover exercises for self-analysis of satisfaction, for self-knowledge and even a meditation exercise. In addition to these, you will have a list of recommended books for each area.

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Dor Crónica

We typically take our health for granted, until a physical limitation makes it impossible for us to carry out our daily lives. Pain is, in most cases, the symptom that leads people to seek help from a healthcare professional, be it a doctor, physiotherapist, osteopath or similar, and is considered a very important symptom for the diagnosis of various diseases. .

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Pilates Clínico

A method that allows you to improve breathing, posture, flexibility, mobility, balance, strength and above all, quality of life. This is what Clinical Pilates is like, all with the help of a physiotherapist.

Do you want to know what the method that allows you to enjoy all these benefits consists of?

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Perturbação de Hiperatividade e Défice de Atenção (PHDA)

ADHD is one of the problems of childhood and adolescence most investigated by science, although research is full of numerous controversies and contradictions not only regarding the definition of the concept itself, but also the causes that lead to the development of this disorder.

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Educação Parental e Parentalidade Positiva

Parenting education can be defined as learning a set of educational and family support activities and strategies that help parents and families understand the social, emotional, psychological and physical needs of children (and their own) with the objective of contributing to an increase in the quality of parental and family relationships.

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