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Our Services

Available Therapies

Integrative Physiotherapy

A holistic and integrative look at your physical health, including nutrition, hydration, sleep, exercise, etc.

Pre and Postpartum Physiotherapy

For women with difficulty getting pregnant and for the entire pre and postpartum phase.

Physiotherapy in oncology

Physiotherapeutic support in post-surgical situations.

Clinical Pilates

Individual and group classes.

Psicologia na Soul Bliss
Adult and child psychology

Stress, anxiety, depression, anguish.

Naturopatia na Soul Bliss

Treatment through natural therapies.

Medicina Quântica na Soul Bliss
Quantum Medicine

Also known as Biofeedback.

Medicina Tradicional Chinesa na Soul Bliss
Traditional Chinese medicine
Ancient treatment, which includes acupuncture, herbal medicine, among others.
Medicina Ayurvédica na Soul Bliss
Ayurvedic Medicine

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Kinesiologia avançada na Soul Bliss
Advanced Kinesiology

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Osteopatia na Soul Bliss

Structural and visceral.

Aulas de grupo de Yoga na Soul Bliss

Vinyasa and Hatha. Breathing and meditation.

Massagens na Soul Bliss

Therapeutic, ayurvedic, deep tissue, relaxation, sports.