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Common Questions

What is Integrative Medicine?
Definition of Integrative Medicine(…) Integrative medicine means an integration of conventional biomedicine with traditional and complementary medicine. All appropriate therapeutic approaches and healthcare disciplines are used to achieve an improved health status for the patient, while recognizing and respecting the unique contributions of various medical systems. Integrative health and medicine affirm the importance of the healthcare professional-patient relationship, the active participation of patients in this process and emphasize interprofessional collaboration, network systems and multidisciplinary teams”. - Portuguese Society of Integrative Medicine. The principles that govern Integrative Medicine are:
  1. Patient and practitioner are partners in the healing process;
  2. Effective, natural and less invasive interventions
  3. Health promotion and disease prevention;
  4. Mind, spirit and community;
  5. Conventional and Complementary Medicine (integrative medicine does not reject conventional medicine nor accept alternative therapies without criticism);
  6. Self-exploration and self-development;
  7. Conventional and alternative methods (the  appropriate use of conventional and alternative methods facilitates the body's innate healing response);
  8. Good “medicine” is based on good science.
Does Soul Bliss have agreements with insurance companies or health plans?
No. Only through the private system. However, with the invoice/receipt for the sessions and a medical prescription, you can usually get a refund of part of the amount invested in your health.
What is the accessibility like?
Access made easier by the possibility of a ramp. Inside the facilities we have an adapted toilet, as well as ease of mobility, in accordance with current standards.
How do group classes work?
Group classes operate with a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 people. They are always given by a physiotherapist, where you will have monitoring and correction throughout the class, whenever necessary.
What payment methods are available?
You can make payment via bank transfer, MBway or cash.
How do I request a lecture or workshop?
Do you own or work in a company and would you like to provide your employees with a screening, workshop, lecture or training on health-related topics? We can help. Our team has experience in adult training, having already been present at various events, lectures and workshops. Contact us to schedule a meeting and discover together how to help your employees be happier in the workplace.