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Integrative Physiotherapy

Adult and child psychology


Functional Nutrition Consultation

Pre and postpartum physiotherapy


Speech therapy

Clinical Pilates

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Training and Professional Path of Therapists

Sara Costa - Integrative Physiotherapy and Founder of Soul Bliss

  • Integrative Physiotherapist
  • Author of the book Dor Para Quê
  • Trainer
  • CEO and technical director of Soul Bliss

Most relevant professional path:

Physiotherapist in sports

  • TeamGym (gymnastics) - 2008 to 2010 - Sporting Clube de Portugal
  • Men's futsal - 2012/13 and 13/14 - C.F. os Belenenses
  • Tennis - 2015 to 2017 - AceTeam Alfragide Tennis Club
  • Women's futsal - 2017/18 - C.F.Belenenses - junior level
  • Men's football - 2019/20 - Internation Football Academy Portugal


  • Clínica das Conchas - Knee Course, assessment and intervention for health and performance


Therapeutic Exercise

  • Active Global Stretching, Global Postural Reeducation applied to sport (BWIZER certified by Philippe Souchard, creator of the RPG)
  • FT Coach® (BWIZER, with FT Coach® certification)
  • Functional HIIT (MANZ)
  • Initiation on hypopressives (Holmes Place)
  • Clinical Pilates (BWIZER and Australian Physiotherapy Pilates Institute)
  • Pilates for Scoliosis (BWIZER and Australian Physiotherapy Pilates Institute)
  • Knee Physiotherapy (BWIZER)
  • New Concepts in Rehabilitation of Knee and Hip Injuries - Thiago Fukuda (CEFISA Institute)

Personal and Professional Development

  • Trained as a Coach by the World Coaching Organization (by Daniel Sá Nogueira)
  • Initial Pedagogical Training for CCP Trainers (PH+)
  • Podoposturology Masterclass (Bwizer)
  • Financial Management (Hugo Belchior)
  • Successful Clinics (AG Academy)

Manual Therapies

  • Visceral Physiotherapy (BWIZER, with physiotherapist and osteopath David Garcia-Blanco)
  • TMI Concept Shoulder (through Master Physical Therapy, with certification MV Clinic)
  • The athlete's shoulder (seminar at Faculdade Humana Motricidade)
  • Therapeutic and Relaxation Massage (therapist Joaquim Coelho)
  • Plantar Fasciitis - Thiago Fukuda (CEFISA Institute)
  • Trigger Points - Thiago Fukuda (CEFISA Institute)

Holistic and Integrative Therapies

  • Electropuncture (through BWIZER, with trainer and acupuncturist Susana Dinis)
  • Reiki I, II and III - Reiki Master (Anjocas)
  • Multidimensional Therapy (Paulo Nogueira Terapias)
  • Applied and Holistic Kinesiology (Bwizer, with trainer Alexandre Novais)
  • Emotional Kinesiology (Instituto Português Naturologia)
  • Chromotherapy (therapist Joaquim Coelho)
  • Awakening facilitator (Inês Gaya)
  • Psychosomatic course (Margarida Campos Ferreira)
  • 2nd National Congress of Integrative Medicine (Portuguese Society of Integrative Medicine)

Invited speaker at the following:

  • Mafra Youth Days in the workshop with the themes "Active Global Stretching" and "Physiotherapy and its applications"
  • Mafra Youth Days in the workshop with the theme "Therapeutic functional training in posture correction"
  • Sports Summit Lisbon with the theme "Health and Injury Prevention".
  • FECTRANS in the workshop with the theme "Musculoskeletal injuries in professional drivers

Book Author

Pain for What - Natural Therapies for Pain Relief

Joana Gouveia - Pelvic Physiotherapy

Most relevant professional path

  • Graduated in Physiotherapy at ESSATLA - Escola Superior de Saúde Atlântica in 2013
  • Master's in Physiotherapy in Women's Health at ESSA - Escola Superior de Saúde do Alcoitão


Women's Health

  • Breastfeeding Counseling, certified by SOS Amamentação
  • Physical Exercise: Pre and Postpartum, certified by BWIZER
  • RPA - Active Perineal Rehabilitation, certified by BWIZER
  • Visceral Manipulation - Osteopathy, certified by MASTER
  • Clinical Pilates for Physiotherapists - Women's Health, certified by FORMATERAPIA


  • Pediatric Osteopathy, certified by MASTER
  • Snoezelen intervention. Theory and Practice of Sensory Stimulation and Practical Intervention Methodologies in SEN, certified by the Cascais School Training Center
  • Postural Control in Child Development, certified by FORMATERAPIA
  • Contact with the Preterm, accredited by the Atlantic University
  • Respiratory Physiotherapy in Pediatrics, certified by FORMATERAPIA

Therapeutic Exercise

  • Clinical Pilates for Physiotherapists Level 3 - Class Instructor, certified by FORMATERAPIA
  • Clinical Pilates for Physiotherapists - Matwork Level 2, certified by FORMATERAPIA
  • Clinical Pilates for Physiotherapists - Matwork Level 1, certified by FORMATERAPIA
  • Low Pressure Fitness (LPF) Level 2 - Hypopressive Abdominals, certified by BWIZER
  • Low Pressure Fitness (LPF) Level 1 - Hypopressive Abdominals, certified by BWIZER

Joana Caeiro - Physiotherapy and Pilates

Most relevant professional path

  • Graduate in Physiotherapy from ESSATLA – Escola Superior de Saúde Atlântica


  • Therapeutic exercise
  • Clinical Pilates MW1, MW2 and MW3 (BWIZER and Australian Physiotherapy Pilates Institute Certification)
  • Physical Exercise during Pregnancy and Postpartum Recovery (Conchas Clinical Training Center)

Manual Therapy

  • Osteoetiopathy, DOE (Académie de Thérapie Manuelle Ostéo-étiopathique et Sportive ATMS)
  • Advanced diagnostics in manual therapy (BWIZER)

Conferences given

  • “Therapeutic Pilates in Physiotherapy” - at La Salle University, Oaxaca, Mexico
  • “Therapeutic Pilates” - in the first Physiotherapy days at UABJO, Oaxaca, Mexico

Marcelo Lopes - Adult psychology

Most relevant professional experience

  • The Conscious Counselor (2019-present) – Psychotherapist and Entrepreneur
  • Health Psychologist (2017-2019) – Cercizimbra
  • Residential Care Team Coordinator (2015-2017) – Mentaur Ltd (United Kingdom)
  • Research (2015) – ISPA-IU

Training path

  • Pranayama – advanced breathing techniques (2020)
  • MBSR – Mindfulness for stress reduction (2020)
  • Training in Body Psychotherapy at the Body Psychotherapy Center in Biosíntese (since 2019)
  • Master in Health Psychology from ISPA-IU (since 2015)

Published scientific articles

Tânia Barata – Child Psychology

Coming Soon

Afonso Camacho - Osteopathy

Most relevant professional path

  • Definitive Certificate in Osteopathy - Traditional Medicine Institute, Lisbon

Professional experience

  • Osteopath at USPE - Preventive and Epigenetic Health Unit at St. Louis Hospital
  • Curricular Internship at Fitoclinic - Medicina Natural, Lda

Training path

  • Massage Therapy - CEFAD, Lisbon
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy - Espaço Amar
  • Abdomen Visceral Manipulation 1 - The Barral Institute Portugal
  • Abdomen Visceral Manipulation 2 - The Barral Institute Portugal

Patrícia Vitorino - Naturopathy

Naturopathy and Quantum Medicine

Armando Rola Pata - Traditional Chinese Medicine

Armando Pata is a Specialist in Traditional Chinese Medicine, with training at the School of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ESMTC), in Lisbon, during 5 years and 4 years of clinical internships

On his journey he likes to highlight:

  • Council Member of the Specialty Committee of Pediatrics of Word Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies
  • In the area of teaching “energetic arts”, in addition to regular classes, was invited to teach in various dissemination actions and workshops at national level;
  • In the pediatric area, with a study center in Lisbon
  • In the cardiovascular and neurological areas, with clinical coordination for TCM, “Stroke Recovery – Dr. João Catarino Method” program;
  • His collaboration as clinical supervision assistant at ESMTC, under the guidance from Dr. Ana Varela.
  • He is co-author with Lai Wang and Zhang Jing, of the book “Tai Chi Chuan in 24 Forms”, bilingual edition Chinese-Portuguese (ISBN–972-97841-6-7), is a founding member of the Long Martial Arts Institute Fei from Portugal
  • Certified instructor by the Portuguese Federation of Tai Chi and Chi Kung Therapeutics (FPTCT)

João Pedro Soares - TCM and Massages

Most relevant professional path

  • Licensed in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Herbology - School of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Graduate in Osteopathy - I.T.S. Institute of Health Techniques
  • Specialization in Production and Integrated Protection - Instituto Superior de Agronomia

Professional experience

  • Boom Festival
  • Andanças Festival
  • Grande Real Villa Italia Hotel & SPA
  • Harmony Medical Day SPA
  • Healing Clinic - Gynecology and Andrology in TCM


  • ICSB - Institute of Sound Sciences and Biotherapies
  • Prama Espaço Equilibrio
  • National Aesthetics Center
  • ALBA (Luso-Brazilian Ayurvedic Association)
  • IEFP

Inês Gonçalves - Massages

Most relevant professional path

  • Sports Masseuse and Physical Recovery Techniques: I.M.T. - Institute of Traditional Medicine, Lisbon
  • Auxiliary Physiotherapy Technique
  • BabyGym and GPT trainer
  • FGP - Gymnastics Federation of Portugal, Lisbon

 Experience in the sports field 

  • GPT Trainer - BabyGym Trainer
  • AEC Maristas de Carcavelos - Colégio da Bafureira
  • ADCLO - Associação Desportiva Clube da Linha Oeiras, Paço de Arcos

Other skills

  • International Trampoline Gymnastics Judge since 2013
  • National Trampoline Gymnastics Judge 1998/2013
  • Former Competitive Gymnast - Trampolines and Acrobatic Sports 1989/2001
  • Former representative gymnast, with participation in Gymnaestrada 2007
  • Former member/gymnast in Women's Artistic Gymnastics and Swimming (Water Jumping)
  • National water diving champion (trampoline and platform 95/96 – 96/97 – 97/98 – 98/99 – 99/2000)

Group Class Instructors

  • Sara Costa and Joana Caeiro - Clinical Pilates
  • Sara Costa - Postural Reeducation
  • Inês Mira - Yoga
  • Armando Rola Pata - Tai Chi

Helena Vicente Trovão - Kinesiology

Coming Soon..

Tati Lemos - Ayurvedic Medicine

Most relevant professional path

  • Soul Bliss
  • Live Ayurveda

Training path

  • Ayurvedic therapist
  • Natural Cosmetology
  •  Ayurveda and Cosmetology
  • Ayurvedic cuisine
  • Aromatherapy 360
  • Phytotherapist

More about Our Therapists

Fisioterapeuta da Soul Bliss Sara Costa
Sara Costa

I am an Integrative Physiotherapist and the creator of the Soul Bliss® concept.
I work with my heart, through my hands.
I try to give the best of myself to every human being who comes to me in search of relief from their pain.
I’m a health lover.
I believe that we are responsible for our lives and, consequently, for the choices we make to be healthy.
I love writing, that’s why I published the book “Dor Para Quê” in 2017, with Editora 4 Estações.
I am a Pilates teacher at Soul Bliss and Trainer at Clínica das Conchas.

Fisioterapeuta da Soul Bliss Joana Gouveia
Joana Gouveia

I have a degree in Physiotherapy since 2013, from the Atlântica University (Escola Superior de Saúde Atlântica). I have been working mainly in the municipality of Cascais since I graduated and during the first 3 years of my profession I worked with adults and children with neurological conditions.
In 2016 I specialized in Physiotherapy in Women’s Health at the Escola Superior de Saúde do Alcoitão and fell in love with the area. To date, I continue to carry out training in this area.
I have a special affection for the area of Oncology, Preparation for Childbirth and the Expulsion Period, Postpartum Abdominal and Perineal Recovery and Tissue Release from Scars.
Since then, I have dedicated myself to empowering women to be more aware of their own bodies

Fisioterapeuta Soul Bliss Joana Caeiro
Joana Caeiro

Physiotherapist and Clinical Pilates Teacher.
I’m from Oeiras and graduated in Physiotherapy since 2012 from the Universidade Atlântica – Escola Superior de Saúde Atlântica.
Since the beginning of my career, I have been interested in therapy through movement and since then I have integrated the Pilates method into my clinical practice.
In my day-to-day life, I help people feel better with my little hands and through therapeutic exercise, which I believe is the most important tool in the rehabilitation process.

Psicólogo da Soul Bliss Marcelo Lopes
Marcelo Lopes

I am a health psychologist specializing in advanced psychotherapy.
 provide an empathetic and non-judgmental environment so that anyone who comes to me can connect with their inner self.
Passionate about the relationship between body, mind and lifestyle. I see the human being from a holistic perspective and integrate the body into my professional practice.
As a practitioner of yoga, meditation and breathing techniques, I try to promote a way of living in which all choices come from a conscious, energetic and balanced posture, both for myself and for others.

Osteopata da Soul Bliss Afonso Camacho
Afonso Camacho

I’m from Carcavelos and health and physical activity have been present in my daily life since an early age, having practiced horse riding and later futsal for several years.
As an osteopath, I tackle its various aspects, from musculoskeletal/structural to visceral.
My biggest motivation is to contribute to a healthier, more informed and body-conscious society.
Sport, contact with Nature and music are my main “refuges”.

Instrutor de Tai Chi da Soul Bliss Armando Pata
Armando Rola Pata

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Tai Chi
Armando José M. S. Rola Pata, born in Luanda in 1969, is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Specialist and representative in Portugal of the Long Fei style of Tai Chi Chuan.
It was in Macau, in 1997, that he created an affinity with Chinese martial arts and energetic health-promoting practices under the guidance of Master Lai Wang (2nd Generation disciple of Grandmaster Li Tian Ji, nickname Long Fei – creator of the Tai Chi Chuan Simplified or 24 Forms), becoming his disciple in 2002.

Terapeuta de Medicina Tradicional Chinesa da Soul Bliss João Soares
João Pedro Soares

Traditional Chinese Medicine, Massages and Training.
I consider myself curious. I studied Agricultural Engineering, Chinese Medicine and other smaller courses such as design or permaculture.
I worked as a therapist in various spaces in Portugal, Mozambique, Spain and even on a cruise in the Caribbean.
I have been teaching various types of massages since 2007.
At the moment I spend my time providing training, doing therapies and trying to do something with permaculture.

Massagens na Soul Bliss
Inês Gonçalves

Since I was 4 years old, I have lived for gymnastics. I started in training and progressed to competition in Artistic Gymnastics, Trampolines and Water Jumping. I went through representation and now I am a GPT trainer from BabyGym to Senior Gym.
I am an international Trampoline Judge and I am proud of my career. To complete this world, I took training in Sports Massage and physical recovery. My intuition and common sense make me who I am.
I believe in and value working as a team because only then does it make sense. Parts that complement each other and form a whole in order to provide the best for each person.
It’s the time we dedicate to each other and the things we enjoy that make us special. And if we believe, and have someone who believes in us, we will be able to make all our dreams come true!
” – (Unknown author)

Terapeuta de Medicina Ayurvedica da Soul Bliss Tatiana
Tati Lemos

Ayurvedic medicine

I have always been passionate about healthy eating, sustainable habits and health and well-being.

And in this search, Ayurveda came into my life.

Therefore, I intensely live this purpose of sharing Ayurvedic teachings to help people find balance in their health by synchronizing body, mind and soul.

In this way, in my services I work on 6 Pillars that form the basis of comprehensive health and beauty. I also apply therapeutic massages based on the knowledge of this ancient medicine, known as the Science of Life!