The normalization of the disease

The Human Being is wonderful in its complexity.

It’s incredible how our body works so harmoniously in all systems (gastrointestinal, brain, urinary, cardiac, respiratory), when we are younger and have good health. As we get older, it seems that it becomes normal for the appearance ofexcess weight, hypertension, diabetes, osteoarthritis. It seems normal, but it’s not. It may be common, but it’s not normal.

The Human Being responds to the laws of time, in this dual world in which we live, therefore the meaning of life is aging, through increasing age. Thus, it is common to have some degeneration of organs and structures, but the disease is not normal. It’s just been normalized.

I’m not going to list the culprits here, because I believe in individual responsibility, I believe in the power of free will, in the Human Being as the ultimate decision maker regarding their health, and not in external decision-making, exclusive to the healthcare professional.

The pharmaceutical industry can create fantastic medicines for hypertension, which the doctor, in good faith, will later recommend. But you can also seek help from a nutritionist to find out how your diet is promoting the onset of the disease.

The doctor can advise you on some anti-inflammatory pills for back pain (low back pain) that has been persistent for 3 months, but you can also book a physiotherapy appointment and understand what other strategies there may be to treat the condition. chronic pain you feel.

Whoever says this in relation to low back pain and hypertension says this in relation to many other diseases that have the same basis: chronic inflammation.

Inflammation and chronic disease

Inflammation is an adaptive response of the immune system to restore functionality after an imbalance of the organism (a balance typically called homeostasis); however, when inflammation is excessive or becomes chronic, it can become pathological. It is now known that chronic inflammation is one of the main causes for the development of chronic and autoimmune diseases: cardiovascular disease (such as high blood pressure), type II diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia, among others.

Many things can influence and promote this chronicity:

  • stress,
  • eating habits (low intake of fruits and vegetables, excess sugar and processed foods, gluten, among others),
  • hydration (water is the best source of hydration, not juices or teas)
  • toxins (environmental or ingested through food),
  • dysbiosis (imbalance in good and less good bacteria in the intestine),
  • quality of sleep (poor sleep, few hours of sleep or having sleep problems – example: sleep apnea),

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